Creating An Open-Source Translation Memory

Creating An Open-Source Translation Memory
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I’ve always wanted to localize my personal apps, but I found it to be too expensive. Since many apps share the same vocabulary (News Feed, Dashboard, Forgot Password, Take Photo), it seemed silly to pay to translate words that some other development team must have previously paid to translate.

So, I’ve created an open-source translation memory for all iOS developers to benefit from. I processed over 500K GitHub iOS projects, AppleGlot, and other open-source resources and created a database of almost 15 million translations.

Check it out here:

Now, a developer can now upload their Localizable.strings, run it against our database of translations, and get at least a subset of their translations for free.

This isn’t meant to be an end-all solution for app localization, but it is meant to help drive down costs for smaller development teams by translating common words for free. Now, your localization budgets can be spent on copy specific to your app 🙂

If there’s any feature requests or suggestions feel free to contact me at [email protected]

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